Resources and skills

  • On Ground Works

    Staff laying jute matt to stabilise and eroding surface

    We currently employ 25 staff with backgrounds ranging from decades of field experience to Post Graduate University qualifications.  Our equipment is modern and well maintained and our bush regeneration field staff are trained to a minimum of a Certificate in Conservation and Land Management.


    Hills Bushcare has a diverse skill base and we are happy to provide a cost effective and practical ecological restoration or bush regeneration proposal on all areas of natural area restoration and management in the Sydney region.


    Our on ground specialties are:

    • Revegetation and land rehabilitation - large and small scale
    • Helping with corporate and other community events
    • Bushland or environmental weed control
    • Working with community volunteers
    • Bush regeneration and bushfire hazard reduction works

    We can devise a program that will help to enhance the natural values of your site tailored to your available budgets.



  • Bushland Management Planning

    Low cost solutions

    Managing natural areas is an often complex and challenging task.  We have the skills and experience to develop comprehensive natural area Plans of Management, that will help you achieve practical and realistic outcomes.


    Our planning process is built on a current working knowledge of key NSW and Federal environmental legislation, as well as best practice in consultative processes, and on ground techniques.


    Natural Area Plans of Management can often be expensive to produce with the end product being simply a repackaging of  material developed by consultants for previous projects.  Our approach is to develop a plan to suit the context of your needs and the requirements of your organisation.  We also have experience working with private land holders to achieve good environmental outcomes on their remnant bushland areas. 


    Our plans incorporate Geographic Information System data and images, allowing the latest information from state and federal agencies to be incorporated into planning schemes.

  • On Site Rehabilitation and Regeneration Plans


    Many people starting a bush regeneration or natural area restoration project are in a hurry to get in and see some action.  We prefer to follow a series of steps to determine the most appropriate course of action for any rehabilitation or regeneration project.


    • Establish site values
    • Identify site issues, stakeholders and site constraints
    • Identify resource issues
    • Establish time frames and key milestones
    • Prioritise actions and resources
    • Establish a works implementation program
    • Monitor progress and review the site strategy


    The length of time to complete this process depends on the scale of the project. Small scale projects might only require several hours to work through the process, larger scale projects may take longer and require more investigation and consultation.  Our generalised steps are tailored to suit the needs of each project.


  • Weed Control

    Noxious weeds invading bushland

    Weeds are one of the key threats to Australia's natural environments.  Our staff are all qualified with the SMARTtrain Chemical User Certificate for weed control in additiona to other qualifications.

    We have experience in the control of:

    • Aquatic weeds
    • Weeds of National Significance
    • Noxious weeds
    • Woody weeds of all kinds
    • Herbaceous weeds and vines

    Effective weed control requires a comprehensive knowledge of the ecology of weeds, the site conditions that promote the spread of weeds, and the stages necessary to control weed seedbanks and propagules in the long term.  Controlling your weeds is our business.

  • Environmental Survey


    Good decision making requires good information.  Bushland Management Solutions Pty Ltd is the parent company of Hills Bushcare and offers a range of environmental survey services including:

    • Flora field surveys including transects, vegetation mapping, weed mapping, bushland condition mapping
    • Fauna surveys and research
    • Vegetation management plans and assessments to assist with Development Applications
    • Baseline monitoring for public open space

    Our background in on ground works will help to develop applied field research that is useful for later stages of managing natural areas. 


    Expensive surveys that end up sitting on shelves are not our style.  We can tailor a field survey program to find the answers that you need to help you acheive your land management goals.


  • Environmental Training

    Biodiversity Awareness Training

    Environmental management is a new and exciting field creating many environmental compliance challenges for a range of organisations and individuals.


    Our environmental training arm has worked with Government Agencies to develop training resources for bushcare volunteers, and supports a number of Sydney councils with training and supervisory services for community volunteers.


    Training materials we already have available are:


    • General Environmental Awareness
    • Environmental Legislation in the workplace
    • Bushcare Volunteer training - Introductory through to Advanced
    • Accredited training in Conservation and Land Management - Certificate II level
    • Accredited SMARTtrain Chemical User Certificates - level 2 and 3


    Specific training can be developed to meet your needs and can often be done cheaply by adapting existing materials for your circumstance.


    Our chief training officer has 10 years at TAFE with 6 of those years as a head teacher.  We have two other staff qualified to Certificate IV in Workplace Training and Assessment level. Grant funded training materials that we have developed will be available on this web site in the near future.


    For information contact or call Frank on 0423 058 797.

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