Bushland Management & Bush Regeneration Works

Hills Bushcare are urban bushland management specialists.  We have experience on all types of bushland work sites ranging from small pocket remnants containing threatened species or communities, right throught to reserves with 100s or 1000s of hectares.  We offer a range of services including:




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General Bush Regeneration

Restoring and managing bushland environments using natural regeneration, assisted natural regeneration and reconstruction techniques.

Weed Control

Licenced application of control measures for noxious and/or environmental weeds in a range of environments.

Planting – design and installation

Services ranging from advice on the planning of revegetation activities, to growing, planting and maintaining planting programs with a focus on native revegetation.

Environmental Planning

Bushland and Natural Area Management Plans, Waterway Restoration Plans, Threatened Species Assessment of Significance, and other general environmental assessments and reporting.

Seed collection

Targeted seed collection programs for local revegetation projects.


Clearing of weeds using mechanical equipment.

Aquatic Weed Control

Control of aquatic weeds such as Alligator Weed, Salvinia and Water Hyacinth.


Felling trees or cross cutting fallen timber in bushland environments.

Volunteer Supervision

Supervision and training of community volunteers.


Feel free to enquire about any other services that you need that may not be listed at hillsbush@bigpond.com

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