Lake Parramatta Reserve Case Study

Lake Parramatta Reserve, located 2 kilometres from the Parramatta CBD is an example of a highly successful bush regeneration program.


The reserve includes over 90 hectares of high quality bushland, linked to a further 40 hectares of the Hunts Creek corridor upstream.  Included in the reserve is a 10 hectare lake, created by an historic arch damn quarried from local sandstone.  More than 60 species of bird of been recorded in the area, and NSW Fisheries have previously stocked the dam with Australian Bass.


In the early 1990’s a group of residents, The Lake Parramatta Conservation Committee, became concerned about the spread of weeds and started monthly working bees to push back Lantana, Privet, weedy vines, and other problem weeds.  The group also lobbied Parramatta City Council to do more to manage the bushland.  In response, Parramatta City Council prepared a Bushland Plan of Management for Lake Parramatta Reserve.  This plan formed the basis of several hundred thousand dollars worth of bush regeneration work by the Sydney Water Special Environment Levy.  Parramatta City Council has continued funding contract regeneration programs through to the present day.


At the time of the first Plan of Management, only 30% of the reserve was classified as “very good”.  After the extensive bush regeneration works by Council and the community, more than 90% of the reserve is now classified as very good, 5% as good, and 5% is being worked at present to improve its condition.


How do I get there?


Entry is via Lackey Street (off Bourke Street), North Parramatta.  There is a high quality café for light refreshments and fresh coffee.  There are public toilets, a playground and plentiful parking.


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