Bunya Native Nursery

Hills Bushcare have recently established the Bunya Native Nursery at Dural in Sydney's North West.


The nursery has a state of the art climate controlled environment and aims to grow and provide a wide range of common and easy to grow native plants-right through too difficult to obtain local native plants for the Sydney region.


Our staff collect and propagate native species for anywhere within the Sydney region ranging from small scale orders for private bushland revegetation - through to large-scale Council Reserve revegetation projects. 

Our skilled nursery staff particularly specialise in growing uncommon, hard-to-grow plants for western Sydney-with many species and variations only found in in our nursery. 


Our nursery has also begun a bush-tucker specialty, partnering with several Councils and schools. This aims to provide a more varied and exciting range of edible, medicinal and useful plants than what has been previously been available. Bush-tucker gardens are an excellent community feature which helps spark public interest into native plants and natural areas. This is often the first and most important step in conserving these amazing plants and their known uses for future generations. 

For more information including a full species list, please email your details to hillsbush@bigpond.com


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