Environmental Planning: Northmead Reserve Creek

Hills Bushcare provide several environmental assessments and reporting including:

  • Waterway Restoration Plan
  • Bushland and Natural Area Management Plan
  • Threatened Species Assessment of Significance
  • Vegetation Management Plan


In May 2015 we undertook a Waterway Restoration Plan for Northmead Reserve's Creek. The area was in need of drainage restructuring to address issues of:

  • Basin function
  • Restricted stormwater conveyance
  • Creek erosion
  • Weed invasion
  • Valuable vegetation conservation
  • Limited access for maintenance
  • Low aesthetic value of the creek


To initially reconstruct the creek, weeds were treated with herbicide or hand removed. Sandstone bolders and rocks ranging in size were used to line the embankment and stabilise the creek edge, while jute matting and mulch were laid to stabilise the top soil along the slope.


After this 10,330 native creek line plants specific to the Sydney Turpentine-Ironbark Forest ecological community were installed. Species such as Juncus and Lomandra were planted close to (and within) the creek to slow water flow which reduces erosion potential. Native grasses and low-growing shrubs were planted further up the creek slope to provide habitat and shelter for native fauna which may use this reserve and creek as a riparian corridor. 




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Laying jute matting
Laying of mulch
Plant installation
Finished creek remediation
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