Planting Design: Western Sydney Parkland Biobank Revegetation

In 2013- current Bushland Management Solutions was involved in a Western Sydney Parkland project to revegetate and regenerate a large section of land that had previously been used as pasture paddocks for livestock. Before works began this area was completely covered in pasture grasses apart from some sparsely occurring native ground covers.

Bushland Management Solutions pioneered a technique of densely planting 10m by 10m square plots in different areas around the paddock to address the site issues of size, weed density and maintenance costs. The aim was to maintain and encourage the growth of these plots which would be gradually expanded out and connected to slowly regenerate the entire area.


Plantings were a mix of 1-2 Eucalypt/Angophora/Casuarina trees, 10-20 shrubs , 70-100 ground covers and 70-100 grasses  per plot.

This intense planting areas were far more easily maintainable over such a large revegetated area as plantings were easy to locate and areas of maintenance were easily hand weeded, while the bare areas could be safely maintained through more efficient methods such as brush cutting and spot spraying.

  • Plots to be planted
  • Plots planted and plants establishing
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