Chainsawing: Fred Caterson Reserve, Castle Hill

Hills Bushcare currently have a wide pool of chainsaw operating staff and licenced tree felling staff.

Hills Bushcare regularly use chainsaws to:

  • Clear fallen alive/dead trees over pathways/walkways
  • Remove large woody weeds (e.g. privet, Camphor laurel, Acer, mulberry etc.) from a site.


In July2013- June 2014 Hills Bushcare was involved in removing a large section of densely growing woody weeds in Fred Caterson Reserve, Castle Hill.

The woody weeds ranged in size from small saplings, through to large mature and seeding trees. Small – medium weeds were removed by hand through the cut and paint method using bow saws, bush saws, loppers and secateurs.

After enough space was created to enable access to the large mature trees, chainsaws were used to quickly and effectively fell, and cross cut the trees into smaller sections for piling, erosion control or habitat logs.


Chainsawing and hand cut and paint methods saw a 99% reduction in woody weeds onsite by June 2014. 





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