Aquatic Weeds: Alligator Weed

In July 2013- current Hills Bushcare worked on a private lands project in Wallacia which involved regenerating an old paddock that backed onto a small section of remnant bushland.

The paddock was divided by a creek line which had sections of Alligator weed that was quickly growing and beginning to hinder water flow. There was also an artificial drainage line running into the creek which was heavily infested with Alligator weed.


In July 2013 we began regular treatment of Alligator weed through monthly spraying, raking and propagative material removal.

Regular monitoring is always needed when controlling this weed as sections can break of during heavy rain or storms and spread through the creek and establish in new areas. As a result, we undertook regular and thorough sweeps of the site, particularly the area surrounding the drainage and creek line to treat any new offshoots of the weed before it could establish.


Through our regular spraying and maintenance, alligator weed has now been eliminated from the site.

Continual sweeps of the waterways are neccassary to prevent any re-establishment for fragments from upstream.

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